Getting Ready for Football Season

I am getting ready for football season now. There were some games on last night and I got all of them, but I have to get one of those Directv packages so that I shall be able to watch all of the games that I am interested in. That is because I just moved down to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I want to watch my football teams. I am originally from Northern California and unlike most of the sports fans there I sort of pull for a lot of the teams in the area. I can not stand a lot of the Oakland Raiders fans, those guys are way too easy for me to stereotype and they do not need me to pile on. They make themselves look bad enough with no help at all from me. I still watch their games, even though that can be brutal. Most of all I am a fan of the San Francisco Forty Niners football team. I like Cal Bears and the Stanford football team too. The Stanford fans I can live without, all of them think they are way too special.

At any rate I know that if I sign up for Direct TV I can get the same types of games that I can get on the West Coast. I can probably even get the local news from back home if I try hard enough. Obviously I can get that on the world wide web if I really have to have it and that is what I have been doing. It is in fact possible to get all of this stuff from the internet, but the quality is very poor and it is especially very poor when you compare it to what you get used to when you watch games on TV.

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