I Have My Grandparents to Thank for My Career

My grandparents and their siblings were part of a variety of horse racing syndicates for many years. They made a lot of money from it. My grandmother dabbled in it and did quite well. My grandfather ended up working with horses full time and loved every minute of it. I used to love to spend weekends at their home because they let me tag along when they visited the races. Over time, my grandfather decided that he wanted a horse ranch of his own and he bought one.

After my grandparents bought a ranch, I begged my parents to let me stay at the ranch each summer. My mom would always tell me that she had big plans for us while I was out of school for three months, but I knew that her plans were always to take me and my younger brother to the park or pool, but that was about it. She mostly spent her time reading a book and sipping lemonade, while my brother and I played or swam. But when I went to visit the horses, I was active, learning a lot and having a lot of fun. I even imagined myself learning enough to make it a career for myself one day.

When my grandmother saw how interesting I was in learning all I could about breeding racehorses and the best care for them, she said that she thought I might like to work there on their property full time after I graduated high school. This was back when manual labor was very respectable, and you could make a lot of money with it without having gone to college. When they passed away, the property was left to me, and I still raise animals for racing. It is a nice life and I treat all the animals well.

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