I Wanted Great Entertainment at My Wedding

One of my favorite shows to watch is Britain’s Got Talent. I just love watching all of the different acts perform as they try to make each cut. It doesn’t matter what the act is either, because I enjoy nearly all of them, whether it is someone singing, dancing, performing magic, handling puppets, telling jokes, or one of the many other things that the Britain’s Got Talent performers showcase. When I found out that people can actually get britains got talent acts for hire, I was so excited because I was trying to think of something to do for my wedding reception.

I did not want it to be some boring reception where people just listen to someone playing music from a computer. Instead, I wanted people to remember it for the longest time as being the most fun they have ever had at a wedding. I was remembering the majority of the weddings I had been to, and how much I did not care for most of them. I knew that if I could get one of the singing or dancing groups, it would make for a much better reception for me and all of the guests there.

I wanted to find out as much information as I could, so I went online and did a search to find out which acts are for hire and how much they are too. I found out that quite a few are for hire through an organization called Chosen Events. I went to their website and was so happy to see some of my favorite acts from years past. When I saw that Chippendoubles was one of the acts, I knew that I had to do everything I could to get them to perform at my wedding reception. Nothing has been set yet, but I won’t stop until I get them!

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