Paying for a Good Home

Nearly everyone has that dream of taking their first step into the home that they’ve always wanted. In the past, the prices for homes were cheaper compared to today. Even when taking inflation into consideration, prices were still cheaper. Now, if you buy a home, you’re more than likely going to need a mortgage to pay for it. For those who aren’t rich, contractor mortgages are a god send, because they put the home prices into a realm that is more feasible to the average person. I bought my home using a mortgage and I grateful that the option was available to me.

I have to make a monthly payment on the mortgage, but it’s a reasonable payment that doesn’t eat away at most of my earnings. The payments are based on the amount of income I get each month, so if anything happens to my income, such as a pay cut or job loss, the mortgage will adjust accordingly, allowing me to be able to make monthly payments with the funds I still have. Without the mortgage, I would have needed to find a separate loan from somewhere else, and I might not have been given the same amount.

Most people I know have a mortgage, but only a few have one that is as versatile as mine. I have a friend who is married and used his mortgage to pay for what I like to call a miniature mansion. The home has 3 stories, 6 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, a large dining room, fireplace, chefs kitchen, and even space for an entertainment center. Including his wife and 2 children, there are only 4 people living in the home, which makes me wonder why he bought such a big house in the first place. It seems unnecessary, but it looks cool and makes him happy.