Purchasing Boots to Go Horse Riding

When my friend took me horse riding for the first time, I fell in love with it. I had never been on a horse before, or even near one for that matter. There was just something so peaceful about sitting that high and going for a long ride, especially with a horse as gentle as the one I learned on. I knew that I wanted to go again and again, and I ended up buying my own horse about a year later. When I bought him, I knew that I was going to need horse riding boots too because I planned on taking him out for long rides as often as possible.

I had purchased a horse rug from a website that my friend had recommended to me, and that is the same site where I saw all the different riding boots for sale. I knew that I wanted a pair, and I just had to figure out which ones were best for me. Looking at all of them was certainly fun though, as well as the other clothing and accessories that are synonymous with horse riders. I thought it would be easy to pick out the boots, but it took me a good long time because I had to look at every detail of each one.

I knew though when I chose the Caldene Ashford Long Boots that I was getting the pair that would be the best. I really like them because they are nice and tall, and they are so sleek looking. They are made from leather, and they have an elastic panel that makes it the perfect fit no matter who is wearing them. The heel is very low too, which is a must when horse riding because it does involve some walking as well. I am just glad that I am able to go riding on my horse as often as I do now.

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