Started to Plan the Vacation

I have just started planning my vacation. It is almost the end of this year and I have two whole weeks of vacation days and sick days which I have to use before the end of the year. If I do not use them I shall lose them. I have decided that Tess and I shall go some place warm, although she may not be able to get off of work for that long. She has already gone out and bought herself some designer sunglasses and some bathing suits. She tried them all on for me last night and I was suitably impressed. She has been working out a whole lot to make sure that she looks really great and she has really been watching the things that she eats as well. I think she has lost about ten pounds and it was not as though she was overweight before she started. I have been teasing her that she is looking to replace me with some rich young guy. Of course I just want to go some place and relax in the sun. That sort of thing is not going to happen around here for quite a long time. It is to be hoped that this winter is not going to be so bad as the previous one. It was pretty awful here last winter. In places the snow was as high as the eaves on the roofs. We were getting one blizzard after another for a solid month and a half. The little work shop down the street from my office had it’s roof collapse from the weight of all of the snow that fell upon it. It was really so awful that I wanted. I am thinking that I may take a trip to some place like the U.S Virgin Islands or some other tropical islands.