The Three of Us Are Sharing a Beach House

I was pretty skeptical when Dan came up with this idea, but he made the math work out and it is his name on the lease if things go bad. Of course he has a much better job than I do, being the boss and the son of the guy who gave him the money to be the boss. The house is both a residence and the business location. It sits about a hundred yards from the beach and there is a little path by my window where people walk down to the beach. We have Directv in about eight rooms, although I do not think that we even use all of the tv sets so far. Dan obviously has the master bedroom and it is about the size of my old apartment. I am paying the same as I was there. So long as everything works out it is going to be great.

Of course we have been working in this one bedroom. We set up all of the computers in there and we moved the tv out of it so that we would not be tempted to play video games or watch sports on tv. We moved the desks around and put all of them in there. So far the application is progressing and we think we shall have it ready for beta testing in about a month and a half. That depends a lot on Louis though. It is Dan’s family’s money, but this is Louis’ idea and we are counting on him to be able to solve a number of problems. I have my own assignments and so far I have done what I was supposed to do, but it has not been without any problems. That is to be expected obviously. It is not ever going to go perfectly.

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