Trying to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

I have started thinking about the best way for me to make money off of my blog and my web page. The obvious way to do that is with advertising and I have a few ads through the Google ads program. I have a fair number of people who visit the sites, they call them unique visitors in the language that is used in this field. I was thinking about using affiliate marketing too. I was looking at this video by a guy named Ewen Chia. He claims that he earns a whole lot of money from this, but I am not quite sure that I believe he earns as much as he claims. It just does not seem as though it is a realistic possibility. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, the concept is pretty simple and it requires almost no work from the operator of a web page. Most people have likely seen the basic affiliate link on one web page or another. It is a simple search box for one or more of the prominent e commerce web pages. Amazon dot com is the most commonly seen site. You put this on your site and with it their is a link which is unique to your site. You want people to click on the link and then buy some stuff on the site. That way you get some small percentage of the sale. It is not going to make you rich unless you have a very active site with a whole lot of users and a lot of them decide to make use of the affiliate link. A lot of the time you will see products linked to a site like Amazon dot com. If your site is about games, like mine is, that is a perfect way to do it.

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