We Were Concerned About Radon

We employed the services of a hvac company in NYC after reading about the latest radon scare. Remember radon? It’s a substance that can build up in basements of homes and it’s a killer. If it gets bad enough you can die outright I believe, but what usually happens is that you are exposed to the substance over a period of time and it causes lung cancer. We saw some stories in the paper about some very unfortunate people who were exposed to this gas and at least two of them died from Stage four lung cancer. They didn’t catch it fast enough.

Seeing as how we live in a much older home than normal, my wife and I were both very concerned that we could have this problem. I have my office in the basement and spend a lot of time down there, and our kids also have a play area in the basement where they spend a lot of time messing around. The thought of any of us getting cancer because of a gas you can’t see or taste has all of us pretty scared. I could buy a detector at the store, but I didn’t trust them to do the job.

That’s why I found a company online who works with air quality issues. They came out and listened to our concerns and agreed that radon has been a problem in the area. They brought out some finely tuned detectors and installed them around the basement. The calibration on these devices is pre-set and tested by the company so that we know they work well. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do if one of them ever goes off, but the peace of mind they bring is definitely worth the cost of having them installed in the house.

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